ADHD Coaching

Who do we work with?

Clients typically consist of teenagers, university students, and adults diagnosed with ADHD and/or executive functioning challenges associated with a learning disability. For elementary school-aged children, the psychologist works primarily with the parents.

What do we do?

Coaching provides a supportive environment for learning. The coach understands the challenges of living with ADHD and/or a learning disability and how it affects a person’s life. The coach provides support yet keeps clients accountable to the goals they have set. When a current psychoeducational assessment is provided, the strategies for meeting the goals are tailored to the client’s learning profile. Clients may also be educated on their learning profile and how it affects their daily life. Clients can be taught how to best cope and thrive with having a diagnosis of ADHD and/or a learning disability. They can also be taught advocacy skills.

The coaching process begins with an initial interview of the client, or for young children, a parent interview. The interview usually takes one to two hours. The interview focuses on the background information related to the client’s areas of strength and challenge. The client identifies goals that the client would like to meet. The areas of focus include:

  • Organization,
  • Time management,
  • Setting priorities, and
  • Task initiation and overcoming procrastination.

Follow-up sessions are scheduled after the initial sessions of gathering background information and setting goals. The purpose of the sessions is to monitor and maintain progress. These follow-up sessions may be weekly, biweekly, or monthly.