Adult Capacity & Decision Making

The Adult Capacity and Decision-making Act (ACDMA) is a law in Nova Scotia for adults who cannot make some or all decisions for themselves. They may not be able to make some decisions because of a learning disability, mental health problems, brain injury, or for other reasons. This law allows another person, a representative, to make some important decisions for them. If an application for representation of an adult is being made the adult’s ability to make decisions must be assessed by an ACDMA assessment.  

The assessor prepares a capacity assessment report, which includes the capacity assessor’s determination whether the adult is unable to make decisions in one or more areas. 

A person applying for a representation order may be eligible for financial assistance to help pay for some or all of the costs of a capacity assessment if they can show that it would be a financial hardship for the adult or themselves to pay for it. If deemed eligible, Government will pay a maximum of $500 (assessment for personal care of financial matters), or $700 (assessment of both personal care and financial matters). For more information, contact our office or the Office of the Public Trustee