Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some of the common questions we receive about our services.

We start with reviewing the Authorization for Assessment form which takes about five minutes. We then will ask you, or your child, to do tasks that are similar to schoolwork but more interesting, such as making patterns with blocks or drawing, and/or solving a variety of problems. Some tasks may involve using a computer. Interview(s) may take place on the day of the assessment or be scheduled for another time. We take short breaks in the morning and afternoon. We take a 45 – 60 minute break for lunch. You are encouraged to leave the office at lunchtime for some fresh air and a break.

One parent can bring the child to the office, sign the authorization form and leave once testing is underway. We recommend that a parent take the child out for a brief lunch at a nearby restaurant or park. If a parent interview is part of the assessment, we do prefer to interview all parents/guardians.

The parent needs to be present in the testing room while we review the Authorization for Services form and until the child is comfortable in the setting. This takes five to ten minutes. The parent then leaves the testing room and stays in the waiting room until testing is underway or leaves the office altogether.

Our Brenton Street office does get quite busy and some parents enjoy going to nearby coffee shops or running errands while waiting for their child. We will ask for your cell phone contact number in case we need to reach you. Please make other arrangements for siblings as we have limited space in our waiting areas. We ask that you remain quiet in the waiting areas so clients are not disturbed while they work. Please use cell phones outside of the office.

We do not direct bill insurance companies. We do provide receipts so you can be reimbursed by your insurance company or for you to claim on your income tax form as a health care expense.

Psychologists cannot prescribe medication in Canada.

It usually takes two to four weeks after the assessment for the report to be finalized and for a final consultation meeting to be scheduled. This includes the time for test scoring, interpretation, report writing, and if desired, consultation with involved professionals such as teachers. It is best to talk to your psychologist about the expected time frame.

Yes, please call Holly, our office manager, for information about which psychologists work with adults who have ADHD.

We provide you with one copy of the report. You decide how you want to share this information. If you have lost your original copy, please contact your psychologist.

Email is the best way to contact your psychologist. Please refer to the email that confirmed your initial appointment, or contact our office manager.

Fees are typically paid in two instalments, one on the first day of the assessment, and the balance when the final consultation and report are provided. If a payment plan is required, please discuss your needs directly with your psychologist.

Yes, please bring all previous reports from other professionals that may be related to this assessment.

Yes. It is the parents’ decision whether school personnel are involved in the assessment. This should be discussed with your psychologist.